Lilirulu (Also know as Lili, Liliru, or Super-Awesome Devine God Monster from the Void of Kuru!!) she is a enigmatic being who origins are unknown she just simply showed up in Fuyuki.


Lilirulu likes pie.


Ryuudou Issei Loves to tease and torment Issei. Along with giving him breasts.


Lilirulu's background is unknown because if it was she wouldn't be enigmatic anymore now would she?


General StatsEdit

Strength E
Endurance E
Agility E
Mana D
Luck EX
Enigmatic Phantasm EX++

Enigmatic Phantasm Edit

Eraser -Everything Shall dissappear-

This enigmatic phantasm takes the form of the eraser on the end of Lilirulu's pencil with it she can erase anything and everything in her view.

Creation -From Nothing Comes Something-

Lilirulu's pencil that she carries with her. It has the ability to create/recreate anything Lili wishes even things that do not exist. They will work ,even if it looks otherwise, as Lilirulu has thought them to work. She can even create people with this, which she dubs penoculus, but they need to be well thought out before hand or they will be only hollow and empty shells.