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by MirageDream

Originally a participant in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, and now resides in the Fate Famliy Household. She is master to both Saber Extra and Archer. How that came to be, don't ask her. Female counter part of Master-kun .


A quiet, easy going sort of girl. Doesn't usually speak unless spoken to, and seems to dislike talks of nasty things, but she hasn't voiced her opinion on it yet. Probably because she uses silence as her opinion. Not that the silence means anything, her terrible lack of good come backs is most likely at work here. Likes to pat people. Also shows signs of being a tsun, not yet confirmed though. Secretly a big glutton.


She calls Saber Lily Lily-nee, but they aren't related.

Spoils Nero, and is biased towards Archer. Bias is a good bias. She swears it is.


A clone of someone who once was. As in a dead girl that lived 20 years ago. An NPC, turned Master in the Grail War.


Epic Timing: A++ Awkward. Leaves the seat just as someone says something completely ubsurd or seemingly out of character that reveals their true nature. Never replies, making said person wish they could take it back.